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Action Fitness

Let's Get Fit Together!

With much excitement I would like to announce I am the new owner of Action Fitness in Lanesboro (formerly Coffee Street Fitness & Dance).  My passion lies in helping people achieve their strength and fitness goals.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you and helping you on your fitness journey.


Many of you already know me and my family.  We have owned and operated Pedal Pushers Cafe since 2005.  My husband, Scott, has lived in Lanesboro for most of his life and I grew up in Preston.  We have 4 children together.


I have been training with kettlebells since 2011.  I attended RCTC in 2016/2017, graduating with a Personal Training Certification and Group Fitness Certification.  I went on to obtain a Certification in Hardstyle Kettlebells.  The Lift, a kettlebell gym, was open in Lanesboro from 2017-2019.  Prior to opening the gym, I was teaching kettlebell classes above Pedal Pushers, in the community center, or in my yard and garage… anywhere I could find a space that worked.  I love feeling strong and helping others achieve their strength and fitness goals.

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